Roti or Chapati or Phulka Recipe

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Indian daily breads are called chapati, phulka,roti and parantha. The Chapati, Phulka or Roti ONLY need Atta(wholemeal flour), where as Parantha would need oil, Ghee or butter and/or salt. Poories, Bhatura are fried deep fried breads that are usually made on holidays, festive occasions and for entertaining. Naan, Kulcha are another variety which is normally cooked in Tandoor, though it can be done at home also with a grill. Some variations in these breads could be achieved by adding any fillings like vegetables or meat.

For Roti the following ingredients will be needed:


  1. Atta 2 cups
  2. Water 1 cup ( warm)



  1. Put flour in a large bowl. Make a well in the middle and pour in a little bit of water in center. ( Be careful to add a little water at a time otherwise you would end up with mud like consistency)
  2. Use one hand to mix the flour and water in a rotating motion from the center of the bowl outward, until the dough is moist enough to be gathered into a rough mass. Wet hands and continue until the mixture cleans the sides of the bowl and has become a nonsticky, kneadable dough.
  3. When the dough is kneaded, it will be elastic and silky smooth. To test the dough, press it lightly with a fingertip. If it springs back, it is ready to be rested.
  4. Rest for 1/2 hour covering with a wet towel so that the dough does not dry out. The rested dough is light and springy, less resistant to being rolled out into the thin rounds.
  5. The dough can be stored in the fridge for 2-3 days, It also makes rolling out easier than the freshly made dough.
  6. To cook take a ping pong sized ball of this flour and dab it in the dry flour to make it manageable while rolling.
  7. Using a rolling pin roll it in a circle of about 6 inches in diameter. Sprinkle some dry flour as needed to avoid it sticking to the surface.
  8. Heat a fry pan and put this roti on it .
  9. After few minutes when one side has cooked , turn n the side and let it cook on the other side.
  10. Use a towel to press lightly on the surface of the roti which will help it to puff up. Turn the sides again if needed to completely cook the roti, it should be soft and should not get burnt.
  11. To keep these rotis or chapatis warm as they are cooked, place them in a towel-lined bowl and fold over the sides of the towel.

Serve hot, either completely dry or topped with a small amount of ghee or butter.

Some people prefer the rotis to be thin and some people prefer it not so thin.

The roti is a generic name but the ones cooked at home using the fry pan ( tawa) are normally called roti, phulka or chapati.

If it is done in a tandoor in a restaurant then it is called a Tandoori Roti.

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