Roomali Roti or Rumali Roti

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Roomali Roti or Rumali Roti Recipe


Roomali Roti is as thin as a handkerchief (Roomal) hence the name Roomali Roti. It requires skill to get it perfect.



  1. 1.5 cup atta
  2. 1/2 cup Maida (white flour)
  3. Salt 1/2 tea spoon
  4. Water
  5. 2 tablespoon cooking oil




  1. Add Atta and Maida and start adding a little bit of water and knead into a soft dough
  2. Smear with some oil on the top.
  3. Leave it for 20 minutes.


Next Steps

  1. Create small balls similar to pingpong(table tennis) balls.
  2. The trick is to use an inverted wok ( or a mixing bowl) on the stove.
  3. The Roomali Roties are cooked on the heated inverted wok.
  4. Put the inverted (upside down) wok or kadai or a mixing bowl on the stove.
  5. Once the pan is heated take 2 cups of water dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt in it and pour over it. ( This will prevent the sticking of the dough to the surface)
  6. Now start rolling the dough ball.
  7. Ensure that the edges of the roti are thinner than the middle part, as you are going to expand it to the best of your abilities( It takes bit of a practice and patience to roll it really really thin)
  8. You can use a rolling pin or use your hands. The idea is that the roti is really thin and large enough so that it can be folded like a roomal( handkerchief) while serving.
  9. Put the roti on the inverted wok and cook.( It gets cooked very quickly) so be careful.
  10. Folded it like a handkerchief while serving



You can use an inverted wok. Preferably it should have round bottom.