Homemade Makhan(Butter)

Makhan or Makhani - White Butter whipped from milk or cream

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If you like to make a home made butter, I really love it as it is soft and has more taste then the ready-made butter. I remember my mother making it daily for me. Here is a simple way to make it. It takes persistence, once you start whipping the cream then continue till you end up with the butter.


  1. Thick Cream ( Thickened Cream) – One bottle
  2. Hand Blender
  3. Mixing bowl


  1. Try with a small bottle( or carton) of thickened cream. ( It depends in what shape and form you might get in your part of the world. It can be a carton or a bottle. Just choose the small size to start with.
  2. Use a bowl ( to suite the quantity of the thickened cream which you have got)
  3. Use a electrical blender jug or a hand blender.
  4. Keep on blending it until the cream suddenly start to get thickened.(about 5 to 10 minutes of continuous blending )
  5. First it will get bit thinker and the milk residue (watery whey) will start to separate .
  6. If you want to have the soft butter then you can stop here.( This is the soft whipped butter which is great for your Paranthas or putting it on the toasts)
  7. If you want to have the thick butter ( the kind of butter which you get in the super markets) then keep on blending then suddenly you will get a big lump of yellow coloured butter. All the watery whey would have separated.
  8. Just remove the watery whey and then run some cold water on the butter. Store it and enjoy.

PS: I like the soft butter with the parantha as you can eat more of it as it still has some amount of water content in there which makes it soft and delicious and it packed by slightly less calories /fat compared to the solid butter.

If you buy the organic thickened cream then you will end up with “Organic Butter” which is a great saving.


White Makhan looks and tastes great in Dal Makhani and tastes yummier with Paranthas as well.

Originally Dal Makhani is a Dal in which Makhan has been added.


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