Instant Kulfi – Indian Ice Cream

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This is the simplest of the recipes which you would ever come across. Kulfi is an all time delight for kids and elders alike. Whenever you go to an Indian Restaurant you would find Kulfi as part of the desserts.
The presentation is sometime exotic – in many places the Kulfi is served in small earthen pots.


  1. 1 can of Milkmade Condensed Milk ( Sweet)
  2. 1 Can Cream
  3. 1 Can Evapored Milk
  4. Almonds 20 Nos finely chopped
  5. Green Pistachio 20 finely chopped


  1. Take a bowl
  2. Pour the Cream
  3. Pour the evaporated milk
  4. Pour the Condensed milk. (while pouring ensure that the sweetness is according to your taste, once the sweetness is right for you , stop.)
  5. Roughly equal quantities of each ingredient will do.
  6. Add the almonds and the pistachio mixture in it.
  7. Mix it well.
  8. Put in a small Cake Tin or whatever utensil you want to set the kulfi in refrigerator.
  9. Put it in the freezer for few hours .

Garnishing : How can we forget the garnishing
Add the remaining almonds and pistachio mixture and sprinkle it on top
You can also sprinkle few drops of the Kewra water or Rose Water on top

TIPS: Try adding some cornflakes ( 2 table spoons) in the mixture, this gives a nice texture to it.
Other Varioations: Add 3 table spoons of the Mango pulp in the mixture to make Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi is served in many Indian Restaurants outside India.

I can assure you that the results are as close as the restaurant kulfi . The restaurants outside India use the same ingredients to make the kulfi.

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